Piab's Chip ejector eases breathing for COVID-19 patients

2020/5/8 8:47:18

    欧洲一家大型医疗设备制造商推出支气管吸痰器,利用 Piab Chip 迷你泵形成真空,确保安静平稳地吸走大量分泌物、血液和其他体液。 

    当前,我们众志成城,坚决遏制 COVID-19 疫情蔓延。我们遵守保持社交距离、佩戴口罩和一次性手套的要求,而且比以往更加注意勤洗手。然而,病毒仍在传播,虽然看似温和,但有时来势汹汹。这就需要所有工业制造商团结一心,奋力挽救新冠肺炎患者的生命,改变疫情形势。维持正常的呼吸功能对患者至关重要。因此,除呼吸机外,还急需大量吸痰器来稳定患者的肺功能。为此,一家大型医疗技术制造商大力增加了支气管吸痰器的产量。Piab 紧随其后,短时间内可交付大量的 Chip 真空发生器。 

    这些支气管吸痰器装备 Piab 的 Chip 迷你泵。这款非常小巧的两级真空发生器在 5.5 bar 的操作压力下,抽吸力高达每分钟 50 升。可吸出大量有损肺功能的分泌物、血液和其他体液。

   Chip 真空发生器 X10L 迷你泵非常独特,专为医用真空技术设计。Piab 在实验室对每个真空发生器进行检测,彻底清洁并采用多用途托盘单独包装,保证不含油脂。 

Piab 负责该产品开发的全球销售部 S-OEM 经理 Bernd Gries 补充道:“多年来,我们的 Chip 真空发生器 X10L 作为支气管吸痰器的真空发生器,性能非常成熟可靠。之所以选择这款迷你泵,是因为它能够精确调整,可持续实现可重复结果。就是说,进气压力要调节到某个固定点,这决定着需要达到的真空水平,而泵必须始终达到这一水平。因此,在不同进气压力设置间来回切换时,泵必须始终达到完全相同的真空水平。在日常临床实践中,支气管吸痰器一定要实现无故障操作,要使用方便、可靠运转且重复性好。压缩空气由纯氧产生,因此,交付时保证无油脂尤为重要。” 

    Chip 真空发生器 X10L 最大真空度可达 -93 Kpa,它采用“蝴蝶阀”调节真空发生器两级之间的气流,故而在精细控制方面尤其出色。

    Vacuum generation with Piab’s Chip Ejector X10L help to pump bronchial secretion within aspirators created by a large medical equipment manufacturer, which ensures that secretions, blood and other liquids can be sucked off quietly and in large quantities.  

    We are all doing our best to stem the spread of COVID-19. We practice social distancing, wear face masks and disposable gloves and have never washed our hands as often as we do now. And yet the virus spreads, often in a mild form, but sometimes with its full force.

    This is exactly where all industrial manufacturers are now called upon to remedy the situation for those affected by saving their lives. Maintaining a functioning breathing capability is of utmost importance. In addition to respiratory machines, secretion aspirators are  needed in large numbers to stabilize the lung function of the ill. A large medical technology manufacturer has therefore increased its production of bronchial secretion aspirators tremendously. Piab has followed suit and is meeting the demand by delivering its Chip ejector in large quantities at short notice.

    These bronchial secretion aspirators are equipped with Piab’s mini pump Chip. This very small two-stage ejector has a suction power of up to 50 liters per minute at an operating pressure of 5.5 bar. This allows large amounts of secretions, blood and other fluids to be sucked out to help heal the affected lungs.

    The Chip Ejector X10L is a unique mini pump specially designed for medical vacuum technology. Each ejector is tested in the laboratory by Piab, cleaned and individually packed in multiuse trays, free of grease and oil.

Bernd Gries, Manager Global Sales S-OEM, adds: “Our Chip ejector X10L has proven itself for years as a vacuum generator in bronchial secretion aspirators. This mini pump was chosen because it can be adjusted very precisely and delivers continuously reproducible results. This means at certain fixed points for regulation, where the feed pressure determines the vacuum level to be reached, these must always be met. So if you switch back and forth between different feed pressure settings, the exact same vacuum level must always be achieved. It is essential for the trouble-free operation of a bronchial secretion aspirators in everyday clinical practice that it is easy to use and that it works reliably and reproducibly. Since the compressed air is generated with pure oxygen, the fat and oil-free delivery is particularly important."

    The Chip ejector X10L reaches a maximum vacuum of -93 kPa and is particularly finely controllable due to its so-called “butterfly valves,” which regulate the air flow between the two stages of the ejector.